Its mildly toxic they said
Its bitter yet sweet they said
Its harmful but harmless they said
Every soul has to go through it they said
Every soul has to grow through it they said
It will ache your soul but you’ll yearn for it they said
It gives you grief yet power they said
It will cut your wings when you want to fly they said
It will cause you misery yet ease your pain they said
It will shatter your soul and break your heart they said
It will magnify your existence yet belittle your being they said.

-Rabia Basri


Agitated yet defiant
Picking up the shards of that glass like heart
Bending down on thy knees
As the morning breeze moves aside the lock of hair on her face hiding those tears
With that mangled mind
With that scorched soul
With that trampled heart
In that mutilated state
Immaculate perceptions revolving to and fro in her head.
-Rabia Basri

Blooming greens
Those beautiful marigolds
With their shades of yellow and orange
Those male koels singing
Those female koels chirping
Welcoming the summer time
That ethereal view
First frost sets in
Those wilting marigolds
Their fragility surrenders to the forces of nature
Ah! That delicacy
Cuckoos migrating
Frost sets in
In the so called splinterless hearts
Hence breaking the brittle
And shattering the frail
Destroying everything in their rage
That melancholic view.

-Rabia Basri

Like a lump in her throat
Panic arised, crushing all of that hope
Hope to cling onto dear life
She whimpered softly
At the certainity of this abysmally unstructured world.

-Rabia Basri

Feet stuck on the ground
As if frozen
Damnation cursing his soul
Feet stuck on the ground
Sinking deeper and deeper into the swamp of his thoughts
When will he be free?
Still dancing with glee
Like a madman who has risen from debris
From fallen to risen
For now it is apprehended deep in his soul
That he will never be free.
-Rabia Basri

The duskiness of those sunrises
Remain unknown to the colorblind
The darkness of thy thoughts
Slowly perishing thy being
Feeding on thy fears
Swallowing bits and pieces in its wrath
Demolishing thy being.
-Rabia Basri

Blood falling through her bandana
Tears falling through her eyes
Crushed ruthlessly
Impotency takes over
No one to lend a hand to
To get back up after that tremendous fall
Stepped upon
Left behind
She feels like she’s stuck in another dimension
Away from the remorseless world
Another being
Not belonging to the merciless world
With those chipped off nails
With that soul drenched in blood
With those wounded knees
Mascara running down her cheeks
She tries to get back up
Stumbles and falls
She again tries to get back up
This time with a fake smile on her face
She gets back up
To face the world
Wiping off the mascara on her cheeks
With that torn off bandana her blood she cleans
Pauses and looks in the pocket mirror in the pocket of her jeans
Along with that her pocket knife slips out of her pocket
She stares
She gazes
On that pocket knife
This can be my escape route!
I can escape from this pitiless world
Peace of mind!
Escape! Escape! Escape!
These thoughts start echoing in her ears
Then she pauses and looks again in the pocket mirror
And thinks to herself
This beautiful face deserves more
This beautiful face doesn’t deserve to be defamed
More sunshines to come
More sunrises to see
She said to herself
See a lunar eclipse and then die in peace
Smiling at her stupid thoughts
She gets back up
And goes to an unknown path
Not knowing where she’s headed
-Rabia Basri